Service & Development

The importance of maintaining your renewable heating system cannot be understated and by virtue of its complexity if not undertaken can lead to inefficient operation, increased running costs and in worst cases its premature failure.  This sentiment is borne out by the Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI) scheme (if applicable) that requires homeowners to provide evidence that the system is kept in good working order throughout their seven years on the scheme.

At eco-tech we recognise we have a duty of care to fully avail our customers of the benefits of opting to place their maintenance instruction with us, as follows.

  • Tangible service benefits :- Annual visit recording that the systems line components are operating and not adversely impacting on the operation of the Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP).
  • continued efficient operation and intangible benefits, e.g. optimise equipment’s ‘life expectancy’ of availing their customers of the benefits of maintaining their systems and thereby meeting their obligations to the RHI scheme   fulfilling their obligations to their customers to maintain the equipment on an annual visit basis.

In doing so eco tech would be complying to the RHI and equally maintaining the equipment in accordance with the manufacturer’s  recommendations.

To be eligible for the RHI payments you must have your heating system maintained regularly. You will have to confirm that your system is operating correctly and will need to confirm annually that it is being maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Failure to provide an annual service record with the equipment may void future RHI payments.

eco-tech offer an annual service agreement which will ensure a traceable service history of the equipment, thus ensuring the warranty is valid and maintain its safe and efficient operation. This is charged at our fixed rate tariff (please see our service & maintenance doc) and the cost covers all travel expenses to and from the site and labour. If new components are required that are not covered under warranty then you would be for the replacement parts and installation prior to any work taking place.

On any equipment where glycol concentrations are found to be unsatisfactory such as an Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP), Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) or Solar Thermal then the glycol is excluded from the price of the service. Any additional visit required to purge and refill / top up the system (or repair any appliance or equipment) may incur further costs. This would be discussed and quoted accordingly.

eco-tech would take full responsibility for booking-in and carrying out the service and would contact you approximately one calendar month prior to the service being due to arrange a convenient time for the appointment.

The annual service covers the heating distribution only and not the full plumbing or the electrical installation. Should you require any further assistance in relation to the plumbing system, please contact your installer or heating engineer directly.